Eat Clean Kids

Below is what I packed the other day for my daughter’s lunch (she is 11 almost 12). Her name is Mckenzie Brie and we recently created an Eat Clean Kids board on Pinterest (under her profile). WE have been sharing a ton of great recipes for kids, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested!

Eat Clean Kids

What’s Inside?

Salad with organic leafy greens, carrots, non-GMO edamame, blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts; two tangerines; and a couple extra strawberries. Simple! Yes, this is plenty of protein. No, she does not eat meat.

Where Did You Get Those Stainless Steel Containers?!

When I shared this post on Facebook the overwhelming question was where did you get those stainless steel lunch boxes and the answer is “online!” I ordered them from two different companies – EcoLunchBox and LunchBots. The water canister is sold by Klean Kanteen. As usual, I have no conflict of interest to report. The containers are a bit pricey, but we love them and I think they are totally worth the investment. The other question I received a few times was “why stainless steel and not glass?” Simple, because she’s a kid and glass is breakable. Enjoy!

Eat Clean Kids

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