Bonkers AR NFT

This artwork is an augmented reality (AR) non-fungible token (NFT). The future of entertainment is augmented reality and once you experience it for yourself, you’ll agree! Augmented reality isn’t a jpeg or video, it is a futuristic experience you can enjoy over and over again, in a variety of different environments. Engaging with your artwork this way is far more immersive than simply watching a video. It allows you to participate and contribute to the experience yourself.

If your collection of NFTs is full of jpegs, you are truly missing out!

I made this artwork using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe Aero. To engage with AR artwork, you’ll need to download the free Adobe Aero application. Aero is a new app designed to enable creators to build, view, and share immersive AR experiences. It is currently available on iOS and as a public beta for desktop on macOS and Windows.

Why I Made It

I made this non-fungible token (NFT) in honor of my mother, who committed suicide in 2003 – the same day she was released from the hospital. My mom suffered from Schizophrenia and spent the majority of her life institutionalized. The quotes throughout the artwork include text from the Alice and Wonderland movie. The quote on the last piece states:

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret: All the best people are.” — Lewis Carroll

Enter the Rabbit Hole – Adobe Aero
We’re All Mad Here – Adobe Aero
Bonkers NFT Assets – Adobe Illustrator
Front View – Adobe Aero
Side View – Adobe Aero
Back View – Adobe Aero
Color Theme


What’s Included

To purchase this artwork, you will need a crypto wallet like Coinbase or Metamask. Once you have a digital wallet, you can purchase this NFT via OpenSea, a NFT marketplace.

The purchase of this artwork includes a unique link to view and engage with this augmented reality (AR) experience in your own physical space – anywhere, anytime.
If you would like a .REAL or .USDZ file, I can provide that as well.

Bring Your Artwork to Life

To bring your AR artwork to life, you need to download the Adobe Aero app for your iOS or iPadOS device in the Apple Store; which, is free to download and use. If you do not have the Adobe Aero app installed upon clicking the link, you will be prompted to download the Adobe Aero app in the Apple Store. However, once installed, your link will automatically open in the app.

You do not need an Adobe account or subscription to view your NFT AR artwork. However, be sure to accept camera permissions so that you can engage with your artwork in your own physical space.

Once Aero mobile (iOS) is installed all links will open the automatically in the app. Upon opening the project, you will be prompted to scan your environment for horizontal surfaces.

Once the app identifies a horizontal surface, it will prompt you to “tap to create surface anchor.” It is necessary to anchor your artwork on a horizontal surface so that you can engage with it in real time (e.g., walk through it and around it). You can anchor your artwork anywhere – indoors or outdoors.

Adobe Aero automatically records your artwork experiences and saves it to your camera roll. You can share your videos and/or your artwork link with others to enjoy. Like other NFTs, you remain the owner of the artwork.

  • The horizontal surface can be your floor, the grass, or even a counter top.
  • If you want the app to create a video of your artwork, choose record screen (with or without audio).
  • The file will be stored in your photo gallery. It is not shared publicly.
  • If you want the app to record background sounds, choose “record screen and microphone.”
  • For instance, you could play background music or create a video of your friends engaging/talking with the artwork.

Get the Adobe Aero App

You can grab the free Adobe Aero mobile app for iOS by scanning the QR code below. You do not need an Adobe account, subscription, or even a login to view your artwork using this application.
Adobe Aero is compatible with:

    • iPhone 8 Plus and later
    • iPad and iPad mini 5th generation and later
    • iPad Air 3rd generation and later
    • iPad Pro 2nd generation and later
    • macOS and Windows
Get the free Adobe Aero app

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